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    1 Pair Bunion Corrector

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    Enjoy our Bunion Corrector

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    ✓ BUNION CORRECTOR - Reduces the pain caused by bunions/hallux valgus.

    ✓ GEL PAD - Concealed gel pad worn directly over the bunion reduces friction and aggravation while absorbing impact.

    ✓ COMFORT FIT - Stretchable elastic edging keeps the sleeve firmly in place, no moving around in your shoes!

    ✓ WASHABLE - Easy to wash and use again and again! Please refer to packet instructions.

    ✓ LIGHTWEIGHT - Ultra thin, yet strong, material allows it to be worn under socks or shoes and be comfortable to wear all day.


    hallux valgus bunion corrector



    1 - How long each day should I wear a bunion corrector?

    Bunion correctors are recommended to be worn overnight. This is generally because they are too bulky to wear under socks and shoes and require you to be barefoot.

    You should wear these bunion correctors overnight but you can also wear it during the day as well.

    2 - How long should I wear them?

    You should wear them at least 25 min a day for proper stretching & realigning your toe.

    3 - How should I wash them?

    Please wash them by hand and dry at normal temperature.

    4 - Can I walk in these socks?

    Although Toe Correctors are designed to be worn in relaxed position when feet have no stress or pressure on them, you can still wear them around the house or for a small walk.

    Remember : They are most effective while sitting, lying down or sleeping.

    5 - My feet keep hurting after I put it on, what should I do?

    Please take them off and consult your Podiatrist.


    epitact hallux valgus bunion day corrector


    Critical Details

    Material : Silicone, Rubber.

    Gender : Unisex.

    Colour : Beige.

    Weight : 30 g.

    Size : M = 9 x 7.5 cm | L = 9.5 x 8 cm.


    Package Include

    1 Pair Bunion Corrector.


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