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    Sodiā„¢ Automatic Soap Dispenser

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    EnjoyĀ our Soap Dispenser

    No hands required.

    You've come to the right place.

    This touchless soap dispenserĀ was made to make youĀ cleanĀ šŸ˜.

    Ā soap dispenser gif

    We make washing your hands effortless.

    Ā This Sodiā„¢ is the most efficient way to wash your hands.

    As it prevents cross-contamination of surfaces.

    No Touching = No Germ

    touchless soap dispenser

    Help prevent "Cross Contamination" of surfaces

    This automatic soap dispenser is a genius!

    You'll never have to touch the pump again.

    Simply place your hand(s) in front of the sensor.

    The dispenser will do the job for you!

    liquid soap dispenser new

    Your Sodiā„¢ is able to hold 300 ml of liquid soap.

    Can be used in your :

    • Home kitchen.
    • Work pantry.
    • Hotel.
    • Hospital.
    • All bathrooms.Ā 

    size soap dispenser

    Ā šŸŽ€Ā Specifications

    • Material :Ā ABS.
    • Bottle capacity :Ā 300 ml.
    • ProductĀ size :Ā 70 x 98 x 219 mm.
    • ProductĀ weight :Ā 280 g.
    • Battery capacity :Ā 800 mA.
    • Sensing distance :Ā 4-6 cm.

    This auto soap dispenser supports all kinds of foam-type soap.

    You can use the liquid soap diluted with water.

    Make sure the diluted soap is not thick.

    Or it will clog the spout and cannot dispense.

    touchless soap dispenser

    GetĀ yourĀ Sodiā„¢Ā todayĀ šŸ˜ !

    We dare you toĀ tryĀ andĀ findĀ one of these in a big box store.

    Not gonna happenĀ šŸ¤©

      šŸŽ€Ā Package Include

      • 1 * Sodiā„¢ Automatic Soap Dispenser.
      • 1 *Ā Usb Charging.
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