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    Intex Inflatable Kayak

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    ‚ústQUALITY MATERIAL - Inflatable kayak made from sturdy pre-tested vinyl for increased safety and reassurance on water.

    ‚úď PORTABLE AND FOLDABLE - Simply unroll and inflate the floating vessel with the included air pump. Super easy to use and set up. Streamlined shape for ease, great for beginners and advanced users.

    ‚úď QUALITY DESIGN - Features an integrated drain valve and the form-fitted construction prevents water from entering the cockpit.

    ‚úď INFLATABLE BOAT - Easy to inflate¬†and deflate with¬† air chamber construction and quick release valves,¬†perfect for lakes, beaches or rivers.


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    1 - Do you need to assemble the kayak before using it?

    The kayak needs to be inflated with the hand pump. When it comes to assembly, you have to add the seat, attach the skeg and snap the pieces of the paddle together.

    2 - How much time is needed for inflating the kayak?

    It inflates quickly even though you use a hand pump. Some people say that it only takes five minutes to inflate the air chambers. Of course, you also have to inflate the seat and small foot cushion. Thus, it might take about 10 minutes to inflate all the air chambers.

    3 - How robust is the Inflatable Challenger for rivers?

    It is probably not robust enough for using on anything but gentle, slow-moving rivers and calm lakes. The first thing that usually gets damaged by river rocks is the skeg.

    A few people have lost the skeg while using it on shallow rivers. Unfortunately, a replacement skeg is hard to find. he kayak is very hard to steer without the skeg. Some people have even drilled a hole in the skeg and attached a cord to it. The skeg should stay put as long as nothing knocks it out of place.

    Not recommended for shallow rivers with rapids, rocks and submerged obstacles.

    4 - How durable is the Inflatable Kayak ?

    That depends on where you use it. If you use it only on lakes, then there is very little chance of it being punctured by a submerged object. The skeg will also stay intact if there is no rocky bottom that could knock it off.

    Always keep in mind that it is an inflatable product, thus it is only good for recreational kayaking. If it develops a leak, then you could patch it up with a repair kit.


     inflatable kayak 2 person



    Material : PVC.

    Colour : Green.

    Weight : 1P = 12 kg | 2P = 17 Kg.

    Max Load : 1P = 100 kg | 2P = 180 Kg.

    Size :

    1P : L = 2.74 m | W = 76 cm.
    2P : L = 3.51 m | W = 76 cm.

    Package Include

    1 x Inflatable Kayak.

    1 x Aluminium Paddle.

    1 x High-Output Pump.

    1 x Storage Bag.


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