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    Portable Foldable Bathtub

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    Enjoy our Collapsible Bathtub

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     stokke flexi bath tub 


     ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Our portable folding bathtub was created to provide users a fast & easy experience without the extra hassle. Simply fill up our portable hot tub with warm water and dive in to relax your entire body! People up to 6'5" can easily fit into this foldable bathtub.

     BOOSTS POSITIVE HEALTH - Due to its small and compact size, all of the water inside our adult collapsible bathtub stays concentrated on one specific area of the body. This causes all of the muscles to relax and release the tension within minutes.

     BUILT TO LAST - Simply put, our portable adult bathtub was built to last for a lifetime. Not only does it help save tons of money though energy conservation, but it also has the ability to last super warm temperatures.

     EASY TO DRAIN - There's a small hole on the bottom of the portable tub which makes it easy to drain all of the water out after use. Plus, a pipe can be attached to this hole to control the direction the water is drained out in.


     portable blue bath tub


    Best part of all, our collapsible bathtub can easily be stored due to the unique shape and size, simply drain all of the water out after use, fold it up, and store it away! In fact, this stand alone adult bathtub can be used efficiently both indoors and outdoors with absolute ease.



    1 - Does the bath come with a lid?

    Yes, the bathtub comes with a lid.

    2 - Can i use hot water?

    Yes you can.

    3 - Can the rollers be taken out to be able to clean them?

    Yes just pull them out.

    4 - Would a 180 cm person fit in this?

    I’m tall I have knees bent a bit if I sit up straight but lay down without being too comfortable.

    5 - Is it easy to empty?

    I place my over the plug hole in the shower so for me it's very easy to empty.

    6 - How high from the floor is the side drain hole?

    The height of the side drain hole from the ground is about 3 cm.

    In order to drain the bathtub smoothly, the position of the drain hole is relatively low, and the remaining water can be drained by tilting the bathtub at a small angle.


    outdoor bathtub, small bathtub, freestanding bath



    Material : High quality plastic.

    Dimensions : 138 x 62 x 52 cm.

    Weight : 11.2 Kg.

    Colours : As shown.


      Package Include

      1 x Folding Bathtub.

      1 x Set of Accessories.


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