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    Premium Expandable Garden Hose

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    Enjoy our Expanding Hose Pipe

    You've come to the right place.

    Say goodbye to your old heavy, cumbersome and easily tangled hose. Our shrinking hose is lightweight, easy to store and will NEVER tangle.

    Once connected to your faucet and the water starts to flow, it'll automatically expand up to 3 times its length ready for you to use. When you're done, just turn off the water and it'll shrink back to its original size ready for storage!

    Perfect for general gardening, watering plants and flowers, washing your car, cleaning the yard etc.

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    Strong, Durable & Leak Proof : made with a natural latex core and wear-resistant polyester fabric, it's designed to withstand high water pressure and punctures from thorns and other sharp objects. Comes with a 3/4" leak proof adapter to fit most faucets and garden taps.

     Flexible Design, Easy To Store : it will NEVER get tangled, twisted or kinked. Once water fills the hose, it'll extend to three times the original length and quickly return to its original size when you're finished for quick and easy storage.

     Multi Purpose : Perfect for general gardening, watering plants and flowers, washing your car, cleaning the yard etc.

     7 Unique Spraying Modes : the spray nozzle rotates to provide 7 different water modes including: full, mist, jet, shower, flat, center, and cone.

    Premium Expandable Garden Hose


    Retracted Size

    • 50 ft - 15 m.
    • 75 ft - 22 m.
    • 100 ft - 30 m.
    • 125 ft - 36 m.
    • 150 ft - 44 m.


    • Natural latex core (rubber).
    • Polyester covering.

    Get your Garden Hose today 😍 !

    We dare you to try and find one of these in a big box store.

    Not gonna happen 🤩

      🎀 Package Include

      • 1 * Expandable Garden Hose.
      • 1 * Spray Nozzle. 
      • 1 * 3/4" Adapter.
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