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    Wildlife Camera

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    Wildlife Camera

    High quality : 120‑degree wide‑angle lens, 1s trigger time and other functions are designed to provide users with the most convenient experience. 

    ✓ Product specifications : The camouflage appearance is more conducive to monitoring and tracking the traces and behavior habits of wild animals.

    Safety purposes : And can also be used for security monitoring of houses and warehouses.

    Easy to use : Easy to carry, simple to install and operate.

    Stable quality : Professional manufacturing, stable performance and high reliability.

    Hunting Trail Camera



    1 - Can this be used as an ordinary camera?

    Yes, you can take photos manually in test mode. However, the experience is very poor, and it is not good to take it with your hand.

    This is a hunting camera, so the advantage lies in shooting animals.

    2 - Does it come with the strap to attach to tree?

    Yes, you simply thread the strap through the brackets at the rear, place it round the tree you intend to use and then adjust so the camera does not move.

    3 - Is this suitable for viewing live video of wildlife in your garden at night?

    No, viewing of footage is really only practical via the SD card so it would not be live as such. Theoretically you could sit close to the camera and use WiFi to view but the batteries would severely limit duration.

    4 - What is the minimum focal distance?

    I’ve used mine about 6ft from a burrowing animals hole.


    Hunting Camera



    • Colour : Camouflage.
    • Size : 130 x 85 x 55 mm.
    • Photo Resolution : 12 MP - 4032 x 3024.
    • Video Resolution : 1080 P.
    • Lens : 120 Degrees.
    • Waterproof Rating : IP56.
    • Power : 4 AA Battery or DC 5V (not included).
    • Memory : Max Micro SD 32 GB (not included)


      Package Include


      • 1 * Hunting Camera.
      • 1 * Card Reader.
      • 1 * Strap.
      • 1 * USB Data Cable.
      • 1 * User Manual.
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